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Our passion

is to offer programs shaped to the talent needs of growing companies: fit-for-purpose individuals who will lead next generation management.

“There is a growing need of companies for graduates with specific skills for their industry, which is why career oriented teaching is rapidly becoming more important.
– Arup Foresight

We provide talent-on-demand equipped with work-based skills through action learning projects, apprenticeships, and workshops.

You can expect:

Talent retention

Talent retention


Your organization as a great place to work

ELU works with you at each step of the talent development process…

…from selecting and admitting exceptional new talent, to building action learning teams, project evaluation, apprenticeships, and post graduation retention programs.

Discover Potential

Develop Skills

Grow Leaders

Retain Talent

Our legacy

The ELU team has been running skills development programs for over 25 years where we have touched over 250,000 people and advanced thousands of careers in Turkey, East Europe and the Middle East. This is our legacy – sharing our experience, touching lives, and leveraging our corporate partner network for talent and employers alike.

Become a corporate partner with us to scale up your growth with top talent recruited and developed for you.

When education meets the corporation

Globally, there is a disconnect between students and jobs. According to McKinsey’s recent Education to Employment report, around the world ‘75 million young people are unemployed, but businesses can’t find enough skilled workers to fill job vacancies.’ Meanwhile, businesses frequently complain that they don’t get the calibre of graduates they need to fill the roles they have, particularly in STEM subjects.

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